As the successor to the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, Momentum is a Labour Party focused organization and its structure must reflect that. Momentum seeks to strengthen the Labour Party by increasing participation and engagement at local, regional and national levels. Furthermore, Momentum is committed to supporting the Labour Party winning elections and entering government. It seeks to use its base in the Labour Party and Labour movement to reach out to the 99% of people who are not currently in any political party, spread Labour values and increase Labour Party membership.


● Organise in every town, city and village to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party at every level, and to create a mass movement for real transformative change to:

o Redistribute wealth and power from the few to the many;

o Put people and planet before profit and narrow corporate interests;

o End discrimination, advantage and privilege based on class;

o Target growth not austerity, invest to create tomorrow’s jobs and reverse privatisation of railways, the energy sector and public services.

o Provide protection at work and strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.

o Ensure decent homes for all in public and private sectors through a big house­building programme and rent controls.

o Support workers and their trade unions defending the interests of their members, families and communities.

o End discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

What we stand for:

  • A Democratic politics that encourages all to participate.
  • Equality and fairness in decision-making.
  • We support reform of the electoral system so that people’s views are represented fairly in Parliament.
  • Challenging the power of banks and corporate power.
  • Challenging tax avoidance.
  • Promoting action to combat climate change
  • Bringing energy companies and rail companies back into public ownership.
  • Supporting a public education system for all.
  • Supporting a publicly run National Health Service.