Special members’ meeting to discuss Momentum national conference

The first national Momentum conference is scheduled to take place over the weekend of 18 and 19 February. We understand that the venue will be either London or Birmingham.

We have been given a deadline of 21 January to nominate our delegates to conference – we are allowed up to four – and to a submit a motion should we wish to do so.

Each local Momentum group can also submit one non-constitution-related motion directly to conference.

Regional committees – which can submit constitutional amendments – have also been asked to meet before 21 January. If Momentum Northants wants to propose any constitutional amendments these must be passed at the regional meeting in order to be submitted to conference.

The details of the special meeting are: 7pm, Tuesday 10 January, Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club, 120 Kingsley Park Terrace, Northampton NN2 7HJ.

The club does not have a car park but the surrounding streets (Moore Street and Chaucer Street) are not permit-restricted and it is also possible to park on Kingsley Park Terrace. Please note: Moore Street and Chaucer Street are both one-way.

If you wish to submit motions for consideration at the meeting could you please send them to me as soon as possible? If you think you may wish to attend the conference please ensure you bring your Momentum membership number with you to the meeting – we will need to provide this to national Momentum when notifying them of our delegates.