All-members’ meeting

Our next all-members’ meetings takes place this Thursday, 22 September, 7pm, Dostiyo Asian Women’s Centre, Dunster Road, Northampton, NN1 3JY.

The agenda for the meeting:

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes and matters arising
  3. Junior doctors
  4. CLPs round-up
    1. information sharing;
    2. exclusions/suspensions and membership refusals;
    3. future CLP meetings.
  5. Organisation and local group structures (motion submitted)
  6. Jeremy for Labour Leader Campaign
  7. Labour Party conference/The World Transformed
    1. contemporary motions.
  8. Campaigning
    1. Junior doctors (see above);
    2. public services;
    3. Brexit;
    4. Tory Party conference.
  9. Future events
    1. September 24 – leadership announcement social;
    2. Christmas event.
  10. Any other business.

4 Replies to “All-members’ meeting”

    1. Hello Robert

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We try to keep the meetings open to anyone who is pro-Corbyn. Sadly, we did have three anti-Corbyn members of Northampton Labour turn up to a meeting several months ago. They subsequently provided false and inaccurate reports of the discussions to the leader of the Labour Group on Northampton Council.

      If you’re pro-Corbyn you’re more than welcome to attend but we would encourage you to join Momentum. You can do so on-line here:

      In solidarity, Andy

  1. Next meeting date time & venue? Fab to have a genuine hopeful political movement in Northampton – all welcome surely? If the poor little councillors want to come, let them. But I want to be there to talk to them!

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